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Mobile App To Make Planning Trip Easier

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Planning a trip sometimes requires a lot of preparation. Looking for interesting places to visit while knowing the road conditions are very necessary to prevent any wasted time. For this reason, a national automotive company needs an application that can provide information to make it easier for consumers to plan their trips. In addition, this application must also be able to provide solutions in times of emergency.

DyCode built a mobile application that provides some information such as tourist attractions, reports on road conditions with the capability of serving real time data. Through this app, users can plan their trips more accurately. The user can search interesting places, and will get notification to reach the destination in an effective route. This mobile app also provides an emergency contact feature that can directly contact the nearest authorized service center when car trouble occurs.

Custom Mobile Apps

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Want to have awesome mobile apps for your customers/users but don’t know how or don’t have resources to do it? We can create them for you.

DyCode has extensive experiences on all modern mobile platforms: Android, BlackBerry 7/10, iOS, Nokia S40/S60/Symbian, Windows 8 and Windows Phone. We’ve developed and been developing more than 30 apps across those platforms. Here are some captures.

DyCode's Mobile Apps Portfolio


More complete portfolio and DyCode brief are in this slide

To prove that we are NOT bullshit-ing you, here’s the list of DyCode-developed apps that publicly available. The others are distributed as ad-hoc/internally within a client company so you won’t find them on the net.

UPDATE (Feb’15): We add more mobile apps as our portfolio here.

Jepret Story
Collect and manage your photos, then create and share your stories in photo and video, has never been easier with Jepret Story. Plus, most of things happen in the Cloud, so all you need are story and creativity. Available on:

A social network app around movie and cinema. Available on:

A photo sharing app dedicated for Nokia feature phone, S40 and Series 60. More detail is here.

KTB Mitsubishi Motors
We developed iOS and Android app for PT. KTB, a sole authorized dealer of Mitsubishi Motors in Indonesia:

Download: Android | iOS

Bank Mandiri e-Cash
We developed e-Cash apps for Android and iOS on behalf of Bank Mandiri:

Apps for GeekFest Indonesia event, held on March 31 – April 1, 2012 in Bandung. It’s the first event in Indonesia that is all about the celebration of geeks. This app is available for:

AUTO 2000
A universal iOS app for AUTO2000 customers. AUTO2000 is Toyota main dealer in Indonesia. The app can be used by customers to view Toyota products catalogue, book car service, view nearby branches and branches by cities, and read news.

Quite similar as AUTO2000 app, AstraWorld is the iOS app for customers of multiple brands under Astra International: BWM, Daihatsu, Isuzu, Peugeot.

A MeeGo/N9 official app of Femina magazine. It’s about modern women lifestyle. Articles for women from Read story, beauty and fashion tips, new products for modern women.

A MeeGo/N9 official app of DailySocial portal. DailySocial is a well-known portal covering Indonesia ’s technology and startup scene.

Jakarta Fashion Week
A MeeGo/N9 official app of Jakarta Fashion Week event. The Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) is Indonesia ’s definitive fashion event, held annually to showcase Indonesian fashion design talents as well as the progress of its burgeoning fashion and creative industry.

CIMBClicks Indonesia
A simple iPad app for customers of Bank CIMB Niaga Indonesia.

A Newspaper iPhone App
As named, we’ve developed an iPhone app for one of the biggest Singapore newspaper. The app publishes the breaking news and digital version of printed content, and allows users to subscribe to the content. Due to the NDA, we can’t put the app’s name and point to AppStore URL.

Mindtalk for iPhone
A semi-official iPhone app for Mindtalk service.

Personal Payment Application. Easily pay your bills and buy other needs directly from your phone, without the need to go anywhere. One multipurpose application targets to aid every payment necessity you have.

Sajian Sedap for Nokia Symbian
A Symbian app for searching food recipes from Sajian Sedap. Running on Nokia S40/S60 platform.

WhatIWear for iPhone
An iPhone client app for WhatIWear service. Unfortunately, WhatIWear is closed on 10 October 2014.

Mizan Digital Publishing Lumos Books
A book reader app, managed by Mizan Digital Publishing. Lumos Mizan is an app for reading books, offering thousands of collections of contents in various categories. People can buy and download various contents from Indonesian publishers.

FaveChic for Android
An official app for Favechic, a social shopping app that curates fashion products from regional marketplaces to give users other countries more variety, affordability and convenience.

Perfect Match for Android
An official app for Perfect Match Jakarta, founded in 2013 for the purpose of providing a trustworthy online dating solution to eligible unattached business professionals.

Forte for iPhone
An iPhone app that let you find nearest venues like cafe or restaurant.

Social Date for iPhone
Social Date is an app for looking new people to date around you.

Ribbon for iPhone
Ribbon is an endless “avoid the obstacles” style game perfect for casual gamers of all ages. Ribbon is a completely crowdsourced app from

Dokterku for Android
An simple, yet powerful Android app to get information about doctors’ profile, schedule, and book an appointment with them. You can also give and see reviews for each doctor or just give stars for rating.

Trackology for Android
Currently, this Android app is still on development.

Aswata for iPad
An iPad app for Asuransi Wahana Tata. Available for internal usage only.

Friso Augmented Reality for iPad
Friso is well known brand of milk for mom and baby. For launching new products, it does an engagement by creating Augmented Reality (AR) app. The app is used to scan Friso logo on milk can and Friso’s iconic cow will show up explaining the milk products. We engaged with Friso Indonesia to help it creating the iPad app. The app is not published to AppStore, only used by Friso for exhibitions.

United Tractor for iPad
An iPad app for United Tractor. Available for internal usage only.

So, wanna create apps as awesome as above? Feel free to email us at: mobile at dycode dot com.

Maritime Port Management

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When it comes to maritime port management information system, only few solutions are available out there. We come with a complete solution that accommodates customer and port operation needs. This solution is based on the best practices of common port management and has been successfully implemented in several general and container terminal ports:

  • Cigading Port, a largest private port in Indonesia managed by PT. Krakatau Bandar Samudera.
  • 3 Ports under Batam Port authority
  • Container terminal, port of Bitung, PT. PELINDO IV

We have developed and managed a product called PORTMAP in order to fulfill common port management requirements.

Portal Solutions

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We provide customized Community Server (CS)-based and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS)-based solutions, start from theming/skinning, custom add-ons, until total solutions to get your portal ready to online. Community Server ( is considered as the best community portal engine and has been implemented in many portals (refer to the list at: WSS is a comprehensive intranet/internet portal framework from Microsoft, that provide many ready-to-use functionalities and customizable framework, yet free.

Oil & Gas-related Solutions

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Oil & Gas-related IT solutions are unique solutions due to the uniqueness of oil & gas-related business processes & policies. Two of the main focuses of most oil & gas companies are safety and security. If you refer to oil & gas company, such as: Chevron, PT. Badak NGL, they are very concern about safety and the security is quite tight. Since oil & gas business is very risky and the hazard potency is very high, it’s clear that safety and security must be prioritized.

We have developed and deployed two security and safety-related solutions to PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia and PT. Badak NGL. Those solutions have helped those two companies to increase safety & security performance and ease daily tasks in managing safety & security-related data so that it can help to report safety & security performance to management.

We also keep developing and managing a product that’s based on the best practices of security & safety management, that’s called SENTINEL. It’s a unique solution in security & safety management and can be customized to meet clients’ requirements.

Beside the security & safety-related product & solution, we also have a drilling monitoring system product called DREAL. While drilling a well, common drilling equipments will transmit real-time log read by sensors that contains physical measurements like depth, rate of penetration (ROP), etc. Those data will be transferred using well-known standard called WITSML, and then processed and usually displayed as chart and numeric. DREAL is a complete solution to monitor drilling process, start from collecting data from DAQ attached to drilling equipment until displaying the processed data into chart and numeric presentation. DREAL also has been implemented the latest well know WITSML standard.

By those two solutions, safety & security and also drilling monitoring solutions, we claim that we are able to provide important solutions in oil & gas business.