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Tiket Kereta

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clip_image001"Kereta Api" is Indonesian Language for “train.” As a public transportation in Indonesia, the train network is available in Java Island and Sumatera Island.

Tiket Kereta is an application that allows you to buy train tickets via your mobile phone. Payment methods accepted are bank transfer to Mandiri and BCA and payment through klikBCA.

This application is free and intended for people living in Indonesia.

There are two versions of this app, the Asha version for the portrait, non touchscreen device and the Asha Full Touch version for the touchsreen devices.

This Tiket Kereta Application is collaboration between Dycode with Nokia Indonesia and


image                   Tiket Full touch1

  Tiket Kereta Asha version                Tiket Kereta Asha Full Touch version



  • Search train Schedule
  • Check train ticket price
  • Train Ticket Booking


  • Tiket Kereta V 1.0.0


  • Nokia Asha (Nokia Asha 303,302,300,200,etc)
  • Nokia Asha Full Touch (Nokia Asha 311,308,306,305)


  • Free


Nokia Asha

– Fixed web browser:
– Nokia mobile browser:

Nokia Asha Full Touch

– Fixed web browser:
– Nokia mobile browser:


Here are some screenshots:

image         image

About & Help            

 image          image

Search Train

image             image                       

       Search Result                                     Ticket Price & Booking

image          image

Schedule Detail (for booking)       


User Login (For user who already have an account)    


Guest Login

image         image                                

Consumer Data (as Guest)                                                                                                

image              image

Emergency Contact Data Submit          

image                image

Passenger’s Data (according to the number of booked ticket [adult/child])


Payment Method

image            image                                   

KlikBCA page                                      

image         image              

 Klik BCA Response

image       image                                     

                                  Bank transfer Method                                         

image        image

Payment Confirmation (Accessible from Home after the bank transfer method chosen) 

image             image

Confirmation Response

image         image

Login / Register


User Account

image        image    


                                            My Profile


Order Log


Order Detail (confirmation status)


Cancel booking (on ‘waiting confirmation’ status)

image         image                                   

                                         Order Paid 

image         image

Order Detail (Paid), Send Ticket Image to Email      

image           image



Here is the screencast video for Tiket Kereta application

Tiket Kereta video on MP4


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“Jepret” word come from Indonesian slang that means “take picture”. Jepret is photo sharing app, specifically designed for Nokia S40 and Series 60 devices in mind. It allows you to take photo, apply awesome and handpicked filters, and share it to your Facebook wall and Twitter timeline. It’s that simple, no mumbo jumbo, no hassle.

It’s free and includes 9 awesome filters (and 1 normal filter) by default, that will make your photo gorgeous.

To know more about Jepret, it’s awesome filters, gallery, and it’s recent stories, browse to

mascot jepret


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Movreak or Movie Freak is what movie freaks need, an app for supporting their addiction of watching movie at cinemas/theaters.  Movreak app is used for viewing and sharing movies’ show time and place. You can browse now-playing movies, check the show time & places, and share to your friends by email or SMS. Or rather, if you’re stuck in place where there’s a theater nearby and you want to kill time by watching any movies there, then you simply just browse what movies are playing in that theater. Still, you still have a chance to bring along your friends to watch movie with you, by sharing the show time to them.

Current version of Movreak only supports data for Indonesia country. In Indonesia, it’s hard to check daily movie schedule from all cinemas, there is no single dedicated website/portal for such information. Movreak will be your only source of movie and schedule information for all cinemas, both 21 Cineplex and Blitz Megaplex. More countries and cities coming up in the next version.

We work really hard to make Movreak app has simple UIs, intuitive, easy to use, yet still pay attention to aesthetics.

Some key features of this version:

  • Now Playing. Display the list of movies are currently playing in selected city, no matter where they are played
  • Theater. Display the list of theaters in selected city.
  • Setting. Ability to change City (among other things), will instantly change now playing and theater list and show time.

Multi language: English and Bahasa

Next version:
Integration with Facebook in a way you can’t imagine. Stay tune.
To know more about Movreak and it’s recent stories, click  here .


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Port Management Portal (PORTMAP) is an integrated port management solution that can help managing daily operations of maritime ports. PORTMAP is developed and deployed as web-based application that can be used as a single entry point/portal for managing and using services of more than one ports. Unlike other solutions available out there, a single instance of PORTMAP can be used to manage multi ports and covers varying types and characteristics of ports, and also varying types of port services.

To know more about PORTMAP and its recent stories, browse:

Think PORTMAP as a workplace to facilitate collaboration between several parties, as depicted below:


PORTMAP Architecture




User perspective

Based on user perspective, PORTMAP functionality can be grouped into at least two users involved in PORTMAP:


1. Registration

Allows customer to register into PORTMAP. User registration need to be reviewed and approved by PORTMAP administrator. Once approved, a notification is sent to user by email.

2. Booking

Allows customer to book one or more services before vessel arrival. Booking can be done by filling booking form provided on PORTMAP web, or by sending SMS/email using specified message format

3. Status monitoring/notification

Customers are able to monitor status of booking and currently used services by accessing PORTMAP web app. Notifications of status change are also sent to customers via SMS messages.

Port Operator

For port operators, PORTMAP provides following functionality:

1. Pre-service management

Allows operators to register and update bookings of services those will be used by a vessel, and also review bookings entered by customers. Once all specified requirements have been fulfilled, operators can approve bookings and notify customers via email/SMS.

2. Servicing management

After a vessel is actually arrived, actual services will be delivered. This functionality allows operators to manage data those involved during servicing.

3. Invoicing

As all service have been performed, an invoice can be generated and sent to customer via email or printed directly to printer. Once invoice is paid, operator issues Sailing Permit and the vessel is permitted to departure.

Sub Systems/Modules

PORTMAP functionality can be grouped into these modules:

  • Customer Services Management: Contains functionality needed to serve customer
  • Pre-Service Management: Allows data management those are involved in pre-service
  • Servicing Management: Allows operators to manage data involved during service
  • Invoice Management: Provides easy functionality to generate invoice
  • Master Data Management: All master data (ports, vessels, customers, tariff, etc) can be managed using this module
  • Reporting: Generates all reports needed by top level management

PORTMAP accommodates following port services:

  • Vessel services: Berthing service, Anchorage service, Watering service, Pilotage service, Tug boat service
  • Harbor services: Loading/discharging service, Chassis service
  • Equipment services: Equipment rent service, Transportation rent service


Deployment Model

PORTMAP can be deployed based on two models:

  • Customizable solution: PORTMAP can be deployed as a standalone solution which is dedicated to each ports that needs it. All data, business process, reports involved in PORTMAP can be customized according to specific requirements of each ports.
  • Software + Service (S+S): It is a hosted version of PORTMAP, which is hosted in internet and used on demand by subscribed users.


Development Platform

PORTMAP is entirely developed based on the latest Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and using the latest Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

  • Presentation-tier: ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight
  • Data-tier: ADO.NET, LINQ to SQL
  • Reporting: Microsoft ReportViewer
  • Charting: Microsoft Chart Controls
  • Visual Studio Tools for Office v3.0: to enable building application on top of Microsoft Office system

Deployment Platform

PORTMAP can be deployed using following technologies:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008
  • Web Server: Microsoft IIS 6.0/7.0
  • Database Management System: Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008

Some Captures

image_8PM image_10 image_12


To know more about PORTMAP and its recent stories, browse:


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Plant Maintenance Management Information System (MMS) is an integrated plant management solution that can help managing the maintenance process. MMS is developed and deployed as web-based application that can be used as single entry point/portal for managing the plant maintenance process.





  1. Manage equipment database and maintenance process electronically
  2. Easy to use & access applications anytime any where
  3. Facilitate collaboration between division/sections during maintenance process
  4. Automatically generate reports and required documents within maintenance process
  5. Monitor whole process during maintenance

MMS Module

1. Production Setup

Contains functionalities to setup PLAMIS before it usage Most setups are related to define data templates those will be intensively used in transactional/operation process.

2. Master Data Management

Function to manage all master data used in MMS modules.

3. Breakdown Maintenance

Facilitate the collaboration between related users for sending of work request, and then reporting of maintenance result.

4. Reporting

Contains reports as processing results of MMS-managed-data; reports will displayed as charts and tables


MMS Technology:

1. Web-based application

2. Platform

  • Development: ASP.NET 2.0
  • IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows Server 2000/2003
  • Web Server: Microsoft IIS
  • Database Server: Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005

3. Data Provider and O-R Mapping

  • SQL Client
  • NHibernate 1.0.2

Capture MMS Application



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 Capture2_456964EESMS‐based Content Delivery System (SECOND) is a contents delivery system used to deliver any contents 
& receive requests via SMS media. Any contents can be delivered using SECOND, including news, 
advertorial info, alerts, etc. 
The objectives of SMS‐based messaging system implementation are: 
 Widen the coverage of alerts/contents delivery 
  Reach the customer faster and precisely 
  Simplify the alerts/contents delivery/request system 
  Integrated with existing system to extend system messaging 

SECOND Key Features     

  • Easy SMS creation/broadcasting
  • 2 way SMS communication with mobile device
  • Automated event triggering via Rule based  SMS Processing
  • Integrated with 3rd party application or system via API and XML Web Services
  • Extensible features to support any business process
  • Logging and statistics


SECOND Usages 

  • Broadcast any news, advertising, or any information
  • As an extension of any systems as  alerts/notifications delivery system
  • As a data reporting/entry system. Any data can be submitted to server wirelessly & remotely via SMS
  • As a complement of email messaging system. So, any sent emails will be also delivered as SMS messages



  • Platform
    –  Development: .NET 2.0 
    –  OS: MS Windows Server 200
    –  Web server: Microsoft IIS 
    –  Database server: Oracle Database/SQL Server 2005
  • Data provider and O‐R mapping:  Oracle/SQL Client & NHibernate
  • Charting: dotnetCHARTING 4.0
  • AJAX: ASP.NET AJAX Extension (Atlas) 

Technical Features 

  • Web‐based administration console
  • AJAX implementation  
  • SECOND Service is implemented as Windows Service to serve requests in background



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Enterprise Content Delivery System, a complete, powerful, high-end, and ease to use Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution.


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capture1_0E85DC42 Drilling Real-time Logging System is an application used to manage real-time logs collected while drilling in well-site. Real-time logs are data read from sensors of drilling equipments and manipulated by DAQ units. Related real-time data management are:

        • Read data from WITSML-compliant service company or directly from Data Acquisition (DAQ) units of drilling equipments
        • Store data to server
        • Visualize and analyze data in real‐time and static/historical view using client application 
          Print data visualization or export to other formats

Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language (WITSML) Snap6_0CB24598

  • All  data  transfer  in  DREAL  system  use  WITSML standard to guarantee vendor/platform independence
  • WITSML  is  a  standard  for  sending well  site  technical data  between  business  partners  (oil  companies, service  companies,  drilling  contractors,  application vendors and regulatory agencies)
  • WITSML  is based on open  and well‐known  standards to ensure compatibility and platform independence:
    • eXtensible Markup Language (XML)
    • Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, XML, HTTP)

Sub Systems DREAL has three integrated sub systems:  DREAL has three integrated sub systems:

  • WITSML Aggregator

    • Receive data (in WITS signal) from Data 
      Acquisition units, converts to WITSML, and send them to WITSML server

    • Support all records defined in WITS (25 records)

  • WITSML Server
    • Stores real‐time data received from Aggregator to persistent storage (DBMS)
    • Serves real‐time data request from client(s)
  • WITSML Client
    • Consumes real‐time data from WITSML server and visualizes real‐time data
  • Key features:  
    •  Supports multi wells 
    •  Authentication: user – well mapping 
    •  Real‐time visualization: charts and numbers 
    •  Static visualization: specific date time 
    •  Templating: export/import visualization template 
    •  Print & export to other format


  • Platform
    • Development: .NET 2.0 
    • OS: MS Windows Server 2003
    • Web server: Microsoft IIS
    • Database server: SQL Server 2005  
  • Data provider and O‐R mapping: 
    • SQL Client & NHibernate
  • Charting: dotnetCHARTING 4.0
  • AJAX: ASP.NET AJAX Extension (Atlas) 

Technical Features

  • Web‐based
  • Implement latest & well‐known standards (WITSML, Web Services, etc) 
  • AJAX implementation


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SENTINEL (Security Intelligence and Incident Logging System)

Lack of data in security management cause inaccurate information about security performance,related to:

  • How many incidents occur during this month, last month, daily, monthly, yearly?
  • How much loss (properties or even life) during specified time in specified location?
  • Which location & what type is the incident mostly occurred?
  • Who is the most suspected person or party?
  • How is the most incident’s modus operandi?
  • Disability to answer those questions accurately lead to difficulties in security-related decision making

In several countries, such as US and Canada, security/safety-related information systems have been established nation-wide

  • US Academy of Science establishes patient safety reporting system
  • US Coast Guard and the Maritime Adm. establishes a voluntary international maritime information safety system
  • The Transportation Safety Board of Canada establishes confidential incident reporting system

  • Such system is usually known as Security Incident Reporting System, or Incident Reporting Information System (IRIS)

    Capture2_196BB778Security Intelligence and Incident Logging System (SENTINEL) is an application used to:

    • Facilitate incident reporting/logging
    • Manage investigation 
    • Analyze incident data for preventive effort (intelligence)
    • Request and manage security assistance
    • Report security performance to Management 

  • Modules and Features

    • Incident Management 
      Simplify incident reporting; Approve or reject incident; Close or 
      disclose incident case
    • Investigation Management 
      Register related incident to be further investigated; Assign 
      investigator; Report investigation result; Close or disclose 
      investigation, Trial monitoring
    • Intelligence Information Management 
      Facilitate the reporting of intelligence or any pre‐incident 
      information; Validate/invalidate intelligence information; 
      Follow up the intelligence information into investigation
    • Security Assistance Management 
      Submit the Security Assistance Request(SAR); Review, approve 
      or reject SAR; Report SAR implementation; Confirm SAR 
      completion and rate the satisfaction level by requestor
    • Report 
      Used to display all modules reports in pre‐defined reports. Also 
      feature of Ad Hoc Reporting Tool
    • Administration 
      Used to manage SENTINEL application & master data

    Pre-defined Users’ Roles

    • Security Service Provider (SSP)
    • Consists of security officers that perform security services, either as a separate organization/company (outsource) or company employees
    • Functions as: incident reporter, SAR executor investigator members, etc.
    • Company Representatives (COREPS)
    • Company dept. or section that responsible for


    Functions as: reviewer, approver, editor of reported incident, investigation, SAR, etc.

    Pre-defined Users’ Roles

    • Intelligence Team
    • A section inside company or a team consists of company employees, SSP, or police officers assembled to perform investigation and intelligence-related tasks
    • Management
    • Company executives that need security reports
    • Customer
    • Security Assistance Requestor
    • Administrator
    • SENTINEL System Administrator


    • Platform
      • Development: .NET 2.0 
      • OS: MS Windows Server 2003
      • Web server: Microsoft IIS
      • DBMS: Oracle Database 9i/10g
    • Data provider and O‐R mapping:  Oracle Client & NHibernate
    • Charting: dotnetCHARTING 4.0
    • AJAX: ASP.NET AJAX Extension (Atlas) 

    Technical Features 

    • Web‐based (ASP.NET)
    • Intuitive, easy‐to‐use, & sophisticated UI
    • Implement best‐practice business process 
      (has been implemented in PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia)
    • AJAX implementation
    • Powerful reporting tool: Ad Hoc Reporting 

    Application Capture


    Add Hoc Reporting Tool