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Bike-sharing App For Yogyakarta’s JogjaBike is Now Available For Android and iOS

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As one of the famous tourist destinations in Indonesia, Yogyakarta realizes the importance of transportation to accommodate tourists who want to get around the city. For this reason, bicycle rental services using the application is one of the right solutions.

DyCode collaborates with JogjaBike and DycodeX to create a bike-sharing application that makes it easy to rent bicycles with a mobile application. This application is connected to the designated bikes, so users can monitor how long the bike is used and determine its route. Some of the main features in this JogjaBike application include smart lock using QR Code, real-time route calculation, and emergency contact when there are obstacles in using JogjaBike.

The app is quite simple. After downloading the application from Google Playstore or iOS Appstore, users are asked to register first. Users can see where JogjaBike is available which is spread over several stations. When riding a bicycle, users can find out the route from current position to the station along with its distance (in kilometers). When an emergency situation occurs such as a bicycle damage or an error during lock / unlock, the user can directly contact JogjaBike officers who will come soon to help. Users can also see travel history using bike-sharing, and how much it costs. As per December 2018, JogjaBike charges a tariff of IDR 10,000 for one hour of usage.

This bicycle and bike-sharing management system app is one step to realize smart city with a transportation mode that is integrated with mobile technology. The DyCode team designed this app by putting forward the full integration of the entire system so that the hardware and software are interconnected in a bike-sharing ecosystem.

Mobile App To Make Planning Trip Easier

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Planning a trip sometimes requires a lot of preparation. Looking for interesting places to visit while knowing the road conditions are very necessary to prevent any wasted time. For this reason, a national automotive company needs an application that can provide information to make it easier for consumers to plan their trips. In addition, this application must also be able to provide solutions in times of emergency.

DyCode built a mobile application that provides some information such as tourist attractions, reports on road conditions with the capability of serving real time data. Through this app, users can plan their trips more accurately. The user can search interesting places, and will get notification to reach the destination in an effective route. This mobile app also provides an emergency contact feature that can directly contact the nearest authorized service center when car trouble occurs.

4 (plus 1) Apps by DyCode Untuk Upgrade Mudik 2016 Kamu, GRATIS!

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Lebaran sebentar lagi! Hari penuh perayaan ini identik di Indonesia dengan kegiatan mudik, sebuah perjalanan panjang menuju kampung halaman untuk bertemu keluarga dan sanak saudara. Namun seperti yang beberapa dari kita alamin, mudik itu nggak selamanya asyik, ya, nggak? Macet, belum lagi panas dan teriknya perjalanan bikin pengalaman mudik jadi stres.

Tapi mudik nggak harus stres, kok! Kenapa? Karena deretan aplikasi recommended buatan DyCode di bawah ini bakal bikin pengalaman mudik kamu jauh lebih menyenangkan! Aplikasi apa aja, tuh? Yuk, simak deretan apps bawah ini, yang semuanya made by the creative hands of DyCode’s devs! Yang paling penting, semuanya GRATIS!

ANAVIGO (Android / iOS)

ANAVIGO adalah aplikasi navigasi dari Astraworld yang bisa ngelakuin lebih dari aplikasi navigasi biasa! (DyCode adalah partner development Astraworld untuk ANAVIGO.)

Key feature: Dengan fitur car emergency reporting, kamu nggak usah takut mogok karena tinggal laporin via ANAVIGO, dan Astra akan siap perbaiki, dimanapun kamu!

FoodGasm (Android / iOS)

FoodGasm cocok buat kamu yang suka makan di kafe atau restoran karena bisa nunjukin mana yang paling deket dengan lokasi kamu sekarang. FoodGasm udah ada di kota-kota besar seperti Bandung, Jakarta, Bali, Jogjakarta, dan Solo, jadi kamu nggak perlu khawatir kalau laper dan butuh tempat makan yang cozy pas mudik!

Key feature: Pesan tempat atau bahkan makanan yang kamu pengen langsung dari aplikasinya!

Movreak (Android / iOS)

Movreak adalah aplikasi buatan DyCode yang pas banget buat kamu yang lagi nyari film-film yang sedang tayang di kota kamu. Plus, kamu juga bisa baca review film yang pengen kamu nonton dari Movreak users, dan nulis review kamu sendiri!

Key feature: Movreak bisa tunjukin jadwal film yang tayang di bioskop terdekat kamu!

Jepret Story (Android)

Jepret Story cocok banget buat kamu yang nggak mau kehilangan momen lebaran. Selain bisa mengedit foto dengan banyak pilihan filter, kamu juga bisa bikin customizable postcard yang bisa dibagikan ke orang-orang terdekat kamu.

Key feature: Bikin album foto lebaran dari sosmed kamu nggak pernah semudah ini! Caranya tinggal set up hashtag, semua foto di sosial media kamu secara otomatis terkumpul.

KTB Mitsubishi Motors (Android / iOS)

KTB Mitsubishi Motors adalah sebuah aplikasi dari distributor resmi Mitsubishi Krama Yudha Berlian Motors yang bagaikan memiliki seorang dealer mobil di dalam saku!

Key feature: Kamu kudu sering-sering cek Special offers di app ini karena Mitsubishi suka bagi-bagi voucher dan ngebocorin informasi diskon untuk spare part mobil Mitsubishi favorit kamu!

Movreak Expanding Coverage

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Movreak currently expanding its coverage area.

 Movreak Singapore

Having previously routinely provide support data for the area of ​​Singapore, Movreak will now move to the wider region.

Movreak is currently being tested to be able to support the data of ​​Malaysia.

For now, only the area of ​​Kuala lumpur and Penang are available. If the trial is successful, the other cities will soon be available.

  Movreak KL

Movreak Launching

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DyCode bekerja sama dengan XL mengadakan acara launching resmi salah satu produknya, Movreak, pada 30 Maret 2013. Acara ini dimeriahkan juga dengan nonton bareng film G.I Joe: Retaliation serta bagi-bagi hadiah berupa gadget, boneka, majalah serta merchandise-merchandise menarik lainnya.
Launching Movreak BannerAcara yang diadakan di BlitzMegaplex Bandung, Paris Van Java, Auditorium 7 ini menarik banyak perhatian khalayak. Terutama karena tiket gratis untuk acara ini dibagi-bagikan melalui media twitter bersamaan dengan kuis-kuis berhadiah yang sangat menarik.

Dalam acara ini, Movreak secara resmi merilis Movreak untuk Android. Sebelumnya, Movreak for Android masih dinamakan “Movreak Preview”, dan pada acara launching kemarin, secara resmi Movreak mengeluarkan versi untuk platform android dengan nama V1.

Untuk melihat bagaimana meriahnya acara Movreak Launching ini, simak saja foto-foto di bawah ini.



Auditorium 7, tempat acara dilangsungkan




Sesi yang ga boleh kelewat, foto bareng dong


XL dan DyCode bekerja sama dalam melangsungkan acara ini





Para partisipan di depan meja registrasi


Foto bareng dulu di depan pintu masuk




Movreak Launching! Already on All Platform!



One More Surprise! Yes, update for Movreak iOS!



Lunch + Press Conference Session after the show

Finally, Movreak for Android released in 12-12-12 at 12:12

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Banner Twitter

After a long wait, finally Movreak for Android launched in 12-12-12 promptly at 12:12.
Movreak for Android was even launched, but already has the look of the latest Movreak UI update which will be released for other platforms. First used on Movreak for Android.

Movreak is the application for the movie lovers. With this application, Movreak’s users (Vreaks) can see what movies are currently running in theaters. Not only that, the Vreaks can also see the synopsis, schedules, theater locations, and even read or write reviews for films of interest. Users can also connect to social networks like twitter, facebook, etc..


This application can be downloaded at Button Text


Here are some Movreak for Android’s screenshots:

Splash screen

Splash Screen

3 Now Playing List

Now Playing

4 Movie Showtimes

Show Times

5 Movie Detail

Movie Detail

Pop Over Login

Connect to social media



Movreak for Windows 8

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Movreak apps, now available for Windows 8 OS.

Movreak or Movie Freak is what movie freaks need, an app for supporting their addiction of watching movie at cinemas/theaters.  Movreak app is used for viewing and sharing movies’ show time and place. You can browse now-playing movies, check the show time & places, and share to your friends by email or SMS. Or rather, if you’re stuck in place where there’s a theater nearby and you want to kill time by watching any movies there, then you simply just browse what movies are playing in that theater. Still, you still have a chance to bring along your friends to watch movie with you, by sharing the show time to them.

Movreak supports data for all cinemas (both blitzmegaplex and 21 cineplex) in all cities in Indonesia. There’s no single website or application that provides such data. Movreak is the only solution.

Movreak app is currently available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Nokia Symbian^3 devices, Nokia S-60 (for Asha Full Touch), BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and now for Windows 8.

Movreak for Windows 8 has all the Movreak (previously, for other platforms) features and some upgrading on the display and layout. We work really hard to make Movreak app has simple UIs, intuitive, easy to use, yet still pay attention to aesthetics.

Go get it at Button Text

(Don’t forget to comment and rate to help us improve the apps)


Here are some Movreak for Windows 8 screenshots:

Search NowPlaying

Search                                                                   Now Playing

MovieDetail MenuBar

Movie Details                                                           Menu Bar

AllTheater Setting (general)

All Theaters                                                             General Setting

ShareMovie Setting Country and City

Share Movie                                                         Setting Country & City

Mindtalk for iPhone

By | Mobile Apps, Products is a raising social networking service in Indonesia.

DyCode just finished the development of Mindtalk app for iPhone and it’s currently in testing phase. Soon it will be available on the AppStore. For now, please take a look the video:

[youtube width=”480″ height=”360″ link=””]

Tiket Kereta

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clip_image001"Kereta Api" is Indonesian Language for “train.” As a public transportation in Indonesia, the train network is available in Java Island and Sumatera Island.

Tiket Kereta is an application that allows you to buy train tickets via your mobile phone. Payment methods accepted are bank transfer to Mandiri and BCA and payment through klikBCA.

This application is free and intended for people living in Indonesia.

There are two versions of this app, the Asha version for the portrait, non touchscreen device and the Asha Full Touch version for the touchsreen devices.

This Tiket Kereta Application is collaboration between Dycode with Nokia Indonesia and


image                   Tiket Full touch1

  Tiket Kereta Asha version                Tiket Kereta Asha Full Touch version



  • Search train Schedule
  • Check train ticket price
  • Train Ticket Booking


  • Tiket Kereta V 1.0.0


  • Nokia Asha (Nokia Asha 303,302,300,200,etc)
  • Nokia Asha Full Touch (Nokia Asha 311,308,306,305)


  • Free


Nokia Asha

– Fixed web browser:
– Nokia mobile browser:

Nokia Asha Full Touch

– Fixed web browser:
– Nokia mobile browser:


Here are some screenshots:

image         image

About & Help            

 image          image

Search Train

image             image                       

       Search Result                                     Ticket Price & Booking

image          image

Schedule Detail (for booking)       


User Login (For user who already have an account)    


Guest Login

image         image                                

Consumer Data (as Guest)                                                                                                

image              image

Emergency Contact Data Submit          

image                image

Passenger’s Data (according to the number of booked ticket [adult/child])


Payment Method

image            image                                   

KlikBCA page                                      

image         image              

 Klik BCA Response

image       image                                     

                                  Bank transfer Method                                         

image        image

Payment Confirmation (Accessible from Home after the bank transfer method chosen) 

image             image

Confirmation Response

image         image

Login / Register


User Account

image        image    


                                            My Profile


Order Log


Order Detail (confirmation status)


Cancel booking (on ‘waiting confirmation’ status)

image         image                                   

                                         Order Paid 

image         image

Order Detail (Paid), Send Ticket Image to Email      

image           image



Here is the screencast video for Tiket Kereta application

Tiket Kereta video on MP4


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GeekFestID app is the app for GeekFest Indonesia event, that will be held on March 31 – April 1, 2012 in Bandung. It’s the first event in Indonesia that is all about the celebration of the geeks.

The app has all features needed for participants to get ready for the event. It has:

  • Schedule: complete schedule for two days
  • Tweets: see all the hype on Twitter around the event
  • Venue: for non-Bandung participants, you can check where’s the venue on map, get route to it, and check-in to Foursquare.
  • Blogs: latest news around the event
  • Community: the communities supporting the event
  • About: what’s the event all about and the organizers.

For more detail about the event, follow @GeekFestID and stay tune to #GeekFestID hashtag. Or just use Tweet feature in the app.

This app is proudly brought to you by DyCode, as our contribution to community. As the app contributor/sponsor for this event, we create this app on three platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, and Symbian. You can download the apps:

GeekFest app for WP7 and Symbian version are waiting for review. However, you can download unsigned (not yet certified, but completely safe) version of GeekFest for Symbian.

GeekFestID on iOS:
[youtube width=”420″ height=”315″ link=””]


Update on Apr 1, 2012: GeekFestID app for Windows Phone is approved on the last day of the event. Download it here.

Update on Apr 6, 2012: GeekFestID app for iOS is available on the AppStore. Fixed bugs and enhancements:

  • Fix a bug on venue which map shows wrong location. Sorry for that guys.
  • Tweets by hashtag now can show more than 50 tweets. Just pull up (at the bottom of the table) to load more tweets.
  • Images in post can be saved to photo library, or opened on Safari.
  • Add three more menus: Mini Stage, Competition, and Maskot.