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Monthly Archives

December 2018

Bike-sharing App For Yogyakarta’s JogjaBike is Now Available For Android and iOS

By | Mobile Apps, Products

As one of the famous tourist destinations in Indonesia, Yogyakarta realizes the importance of transportation to accommodate tourists who want to get around the city. For this reason, bicycle rental services using the application is one of the right solutions.

DyCode collaborates with JogjaBike and DycodeX to create a bike-sharing application that makes it easy to rent bicycles with a mobile application. This application is connected to the designated bikes, so users can monitor how long the bike is used and determine its route. Some of the main features in this JogjaBike application include smart lock using QR Code, real-time route calculation, and emergency contact when there are obstacles in using JogjaBike.

The app is quite simple. After downloading the application from Google Playstore or iOS Appstore, users are asked to register first. Users can see where JogjaBike is available which is spread over several stations. When riding a bicycle, users can find out the route from current position to the station along with its distance (in kilometers). When an emergency situation occurs such as a bicycle damage or an error during lock / unlock, the user can directly contact JogjaBike officers who will come soon to help. Users can also see travel history using bike-sharing, and how much it costs. As per December 2018, JogjaBike charges a tariff of IDR 10,000 for one hour of usage.

This bicycle and bike-sharing management system app is one step to realize smart city with a transportation mode that is integrated with mobile technology. The DyCode team designed this app by putting forward the full integration of the entire system so that the hardware and software are interconnected in a bike-sharing ecosystem.

Mobile App To Make Planning Trip Easier

By | Mobile Apps, Products, Services

Planning a trip sometimes requires a lot of preparation. Looking for interesting places to visit while knowing the road conditions are very necessary to prevent any wasted time. For this reason, a national automotive company needs an application that can provide information to make it easier for consumers to plan their trips. In addition, this application must also be able to provide solutions in times of emergency.

DyCode built a mobile application that provides some information such as tourist attractions, reports on road conditions with the capability of serving real time data. Through this app, users can plan their trips more accurately. The user can search interesting places, and will get notification to reach the destination in an effective route. This mobile app also provides an emergency contact feature that can directly contact the nearest authorized service center when car trouble occurs.

Web Application For Medical Check Up Appointment

By | Products, Reports

Healthcare is one of the main priorities of every human being. Nowadays every health care provider must be able to develop more sophisticated services to serve public health in order to keep up with modern lifestyle and technology advancement. One way to maintain the healthcare services is by providing medical check up appointment and transaction management service through a web application.

A leading healthcare company asked us to develop a web app for medical check up appointment, supported with online payment system. They want to use a system that easy to access and easy to use by their customer. Therefore, DyCode built the web app to accommodate people’s needs in scheduling their medical treatment without hassle and more practical. The web system can be accessed 24/7 and can be done seamlessly. Patient can also pay the medical bill through online payment system in the web app. From the client side, they can easily compile every patient’s health reports

_The web app development is using CI as the Front-end and back-end system, and Midtrans to simplify the client-side online payment system. Hopefully with this web app, people can raise more awareness on the importance of health check schedule in the midst of their busy life and health care providers can improve their services.