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April 2018

DyCode Establishes New Subsidiary In IT Education And Recruitment

By | DyCoders, Uncategorized

Established for 7 years and successfully built DycodeX, DyCode is now about to launch its new subsidiary. Unlike other business lines, DyCode is now focused on non-formal education to introduce technology to the young generation.

Gina Rizka, Chief Operational Officer (COO) of DyCode stated that it’s the nature of DyCode to share the knowledge. From the creative industry side, we realize there are so many demand in human resource that can not be fulfilled. Hopefully, the plan to open a new subsidiary IT education and recruitment can overcome the the needs of IT talents in creative industry companies like DyCode.

The new subsidiary will not only fosters the ability of potential developers. DyCode also hopes to become a distributor of creative IT talents, and furthermore, to reduce unemployment rate in Indonesia.

DyCode is still considering the name of the new subsidiary. As Gina mentioned, it would be another Dy-something. So, will DyCode subsidiary be able to compete with another IT recrutment companies? Of course we are crossing our fingers and hopefully this will be the good leap in IT industry.


Currently, Dycode is fixing various management and business affairs of the company. Therefore, the opening of the new division is still not possible in the near future. But we are having fun with this year’s April’s Fool joke adding our friends anticipation of the new division ideas. Hopefully we will actually be able to realize this idea soon!

Stay tune for more news and update about DyCode in our social media and blog.