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Jepret Story, The Champion of the Indonesian Next App Competition

By October 3, 2014Jepret

As a leading mobile application developer in Indonesia, DyCode again showed its talent in Indonesia. A mobile app developed by DyCode, Jepret Story won Indonesian Next App competiton held by Telkomsel and Samsung as champion. For the achievement, Dycode entitled to get IDR 50 million from Telkomsel, Samsung devices and “Startup Mentorship Programmed” package worth IDR 90 million from Samsung. Jepret Story has managed to outperform six other finalists: Kakatu, Cubeacon, phiRUNtrophy, PiPets, IO Notes, dan SIGAP. Those finalist previously had set aside 90 registered local mobile apps developers.

As a finalist, Jepret Story get an opportunity to be marketed by Telkomsel (Indonesia), SingTel (Singapore), Optus (Australia), AIS (Thailand) and Globe Telecom (Philippines). And as the champion, DyCode is invited to attend the “Startup Mentorship Programmed” which is a collaborative program with SingTel, will be enrolled into the “SingTel Group – Regional Samsung Mobile App Challenge”, promoted in the program Bundling Telkomsel and in the Samsung Galaxy Apps. In addition, Jepret Story will be included into the Top 5 category and also will be promoted on the Samsung Galaxy Apps homepage.

Jepret Story is an application that allow users to collect and organize photos taken from special moments and published to social media. Those images are collected and taken by a particular hashtag. So when users publish photos with the hashtag, those will automatically gathered and create a photo-based story.

Indonesian Next App competition was held to identify innovative local developers and helps accelerate their development in gaining access to the regional level. This competition is also intended to drive app ecosystem growth in Indonesia.

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