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Android Coder

By May 20, 2014Jobs
Let’s create awesome Android apps with us. If you think you are the best Android coder in town, you’re welcome to be on board. A leading mobile apps development company in Indonesia needs you!

We need coders who are:

  • Male/female, 40 years old maximum.
  • Fluent in English, especially in reading and writing
  • Able to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
  • Good team player, proactive, fast learner, self-motivated, and result-oriented
  • Not giving up so easily and not running away when needed
  • Ready to work in Bandung city
Some technical stuffs you should have:
  • 1 year experience in developing with native Android SDK
  • Fluent with Object Oriented Programming (OOP), both concept and practice
  • Has developed at least 1 mid-to-large Android app that’s released to Play Store or other stores. The app must be:
    • Accessing web API (in JSON format preferably)
    • Using 3rd party libraries
    • Implementing custom views
    • Implementing some animations and nice-to-have features
    • Accessing device location and displaying Maps
    • Accessing device photo gallery, camera, contacts, calendar
    • Using Intents
    • Storing data locally in Sqlite
    • Integrating with social network services (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
    • Having nice UI and UX in general
    • All of criteria above don’t have to be in 1 app
  • Experience in creating Android background services.
  • Experience in working with media (image processing, video, audio) within Android app will be a plus
  • Having created games in Android will be a big plus
We don’t need a Superman, we just need you to be good in Android app development. Whether you’re Android developer guru or just early learner, just give it a shot anyway. Please send your job application and CV to:, and use the subject “Android Coder”.