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April 2013

Get ready! Regular iOS 6 Training (Beginner/Basic Level) Batch IV, 27-31 May, 2013

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DyCode would held the iOS 6 Professional Training on 20-24 May, 2013 27 – 31 May, 2013. This 5 days training is the 4th of our scheduled regular training. We also give special discounts for early bird registration (before May 1st).

The training is for beginner level. Get the deep iOS 6 training from the trainers who actually code in daily basis and already released apps to the AppStore. The trainers has a lot of experience on delivering iOS 6 Training, including the iOS 6 in-house Training at PT. Summit Oto Finance, the iOS 6 Pro Training (beginner to intermediate) batch I on October 2012, the iOS 6 Pro Training (beginner to intermediate) batch II on January 2013, in-house iOS 6 Pro Training at PT. Astra International, and the latest, Batch III on 18-22 March, 2013. It’s hard to find such trainers in Indonesia, but DyCode has them.

We provide a cozy and homy training room in DyCode Office (DyPlex) for this training. If you want to feel the awesomeness of Bandung, we invite you to come here.

Our iOS training syllabus is adapted from Stanford University “iPad and iPhone Application Development” course.

Here’s a 5 days training syllabus. (Beginner/Basic Level)

No Topic Duration (hours) Day
1 Introduction to Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, and Xcode 2 1
2 Model-View-Controller (MVC) 2
3 iOS 6 Walkthrough 2
4 Views & UIKit Components 2 2
5 Interface Builder, Protocols, Gestures 2
6 Storyboard, Segues 2
7 Controller lifecycle, ScrollView and TableView 3 3
8 CollectionView 3
9 Blocks & Multithreading 2 4
10 Working with Web Services: RESTful Web API 2
11 Social Framework 2
12 Persistence & Core Data 3 5
13 Core Location & MapKit 3


For further information about iOS Professional Training, please contact us at

Fill the registration below if you interesting (and more information on the registration form)


Form Registrasi iOS 6 Professional Training:

Jika form tidak terbuka secara otomatis, klik disini.

Movreak Launching

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DyCode bekerja sama dengan XL mengadakan acara launching resmi salah satu produknya, Movreak, pada 30 Maret 2013. Acara ini dimeriahkan juga dengan nonton bareng film G.I Joe: Retaliation serta bagi-bagi hadiah berupa gadget, boneka, majalah serta merchandise-merchandise menarik lainnya.
Launching Movreak BannerAcara yang diadakan di BlitzMegaplex Bandung, Paris Van Java, Auditorium 7 ini menarik banyak perhatian khalayak. Terutama karena tiket gratis untuk acara ini dibagi-bagikan melalui media twitter bersamaan dengan kuis-kuis berhadiah yang sangat menarik.

Dalam acara ini, Movreak secara resmi merilis Movreak untuk Android. Sebelumnya, Movreak for Android masih dinamakan “Movreak Preview”, dan pada acara launching kemarin, secara resmi Movreak mengeluarkan versi untuk platform android dengan nama V1.

Untuk melihat bagaimana meriahnya acara Movreak Launching ini, simak saja foto-foto di bawah ini.



Auditorium 7, tempat acara dilangsungkan




Sesi yang ga boleh kelewat, foto bareng dong


XL dan DyCode bekerja sama dalam melangsungkan acara ini





Para partisipan di depan meja registrasi


Foto bareng dulu di depan pintu masuk




Movreak Launching! Already on All Platform!



One More Surprise! Yes, update for Movreak iOS!



Lunch + Press Conference Session after the show