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We’re Five Years Old

By May 9, 2012News

We’re really thankful and exited that we just reached our fifth anniversary today. It’s been a tough journey. It’s really challenging to stay alive in this five years. There are few obstacles during this last year and radical changes internally, yet we finally made it to 5 years. Happy birthday our beloved DyCode.

We celebrate the birthday in DyPlex by serving this “Nasi Tumpeng” and a 30x20cm birthday cake for all DyCoders. That’s a huge cake!

We’re also really glad that some friends from Bandung developer community coming to the birthday party. It’s new this year. Thanks for coming guys! Let’s give that “Tumpeng” no chance.

Some DyCoders bring birthday present. That’s also new this year, thanks guys!

Photo of the day. Wondering who’ll get that part of the cake 🙂

It’s time to blow the candle and cut the cake:

[youtube width=”605″ height=”337″ link=””]


Wait, just in case you didn’t know. To share our joy, we gave away Movreak Premiere for free until tomorrow. Also Jepret Premium can be downloaded freely here, available until tomorrow as well.

That concludes our birthday celebration today. This weekend we’ll have some more celebration by going outbound. What an awesome week!

Again, Happy Birthday DyCode. We’re still small but we’re getting stronger than ever. We’ll beat the challenges!