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DyCode’s 4th Birthday

By May 29, 2011News

Yesterday, May 9, 2011 is DyCode’s 4th Birthday. 2011 is the fourth year of DyCode’s existence. We’ve been growing, and we gain more and more achievements during last one year. Something new happens in our company, this years we officially has our new division, Mobile Apps Division.  We’ve been developing awesome mobile apps for all modern platforms.

At the end of 2010, our well-known long-existence Enterprise Apps Division gave us a big gift by winning the Indigo Award with our beloved PORTMAP. And also our awesome mobile app – Movreak –  gave us few awards: “Asia Top 50 Apps”, “Best Mobile App” of SparxUp Award, and was one of the winner in IMULAI 3.

This is still just a half way year on 2011, but we’ve been experiencing huge surprises and happiness. But we’re not finish yet, we’re just start and so ready to catch more achievements ahead.

Few photos during the celebration of 4th birthday.
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