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May 2011

DyCode’s 4th Birthday

By | News

Yesterday, May 9, 2011 is DyCode’s 4th Birthday. 2011 is the fourth year of DyCode’s existence. We’ve been growing, and we gain more and more achievements during last one year. Something new happens in our company, this years we officially has our new division, Mobile Apps Division.  We’ve been developing awesome mobile apps for all modern platforms.

At the end of 2010, our well-known long-existence Enterprise Apps Division gave us a big gift by winning the Indigo Award with our beloved PORTMAP. And also our awesome mobile app – Movreak –  gave us few awards: “Asia Top 50 Apps”, “Best Mobile App” of SparxUp Award, and was one of the winner in IMULAI 3.

This is still just a half way year on 2011, but we’ve been experiencing huge surprises and happiness. But we’re not finish yet, we’re just start and so ready to catch more achievements ahead.

Few photos during the celebration of 4th birthday.
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.NET Developer

By | Jobs

We are searching for some .NET coders who can actually code. Some qualifications:

  • Male/female 30 years old maximum
  • Having working experience at least 1 years, however fresh graduates or student are still welcome to apply
  • Good communication skill in English, at least in writing
  • Good analytical skill
  • Good team player
  • Able to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
  • Proactive, hard worker, fast learner, self motivated, responsible, and result-oriented

Technical knowledge & skills:

  • Fluent with .NET Framework technologies: ASP.NET in C#, WP7, LINQ, ADO.NET Entity Framework, OData, etc
  • Huge point on WinRT knowledge
  • Great point on these skills: SharePoint, VSTO, JavaScript libraries (MS Ajax library, JQuery, Sencha ExtJS)
  • Know how to use reporting tool: MS SQL Reporting Service/Report Viewer or Crystal Report
  • Familiar with these database servers: SQL Server, SqLite
  • Familiar with Object Oriented Programming (OOP), both concept and practice
  • Knowledge of current technological developments / trends in area of expertise
  • PHP coders are also welcome

Will work in Bandung, and will not work on-site at client/end users. Internship, part timer and/or freelancer are welcome.

iOS Coder

By | Jobs

Apple iOS is fenomenal around the world. Yet, there’re still few companies focussing to develop iOS apps in Indonesia. DyCode is one of few Indonesia companies that’s major in iOS apps development. If you wanna create awesome iOS apps? You come to a right place.

What we need:

  • Male/female, 35 years old maximum
  • Having portfolio at least one app in any categories, either submitted to AppStore or distributed as ad hoc
  • Fluent in English, especially in reading and writing
  • Good team player
  • Able to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
  • Proactive, hard worker, fast learner, self-motivated, responsible, and result-oriented

Some technical stuffs you should know:

  • Objective-C, off course
  • Fluent with Object Oriented Programming (OOP), both concept and practice
  • Experience in most used iOS SDK frameworks, at least: UIKit, CoreData, CoreAnimation, CoreGraphics, CoreLocation and MapKit, Block and multi-threading.
  • Experience in using 3rd party frameworks/libraries, especially: for HTTP connection and JSON/XML web services, UI controls and animations.

Whether you’re iOS developer guru or just early learner, just give it a shot anyway. Please send your CV to: hrd at dycode dot com and use the subject “iOS Coder”.

Sajian Sedap

By | Mobile Apps

Sajian Sedap app is a social recipe app. Beside as recipes database, we leverage social network for sharing recipes, trending recipes & sharing cooking experience (kitchen story). Currently available for Symbian^3, and iOS is coming.


  • Search recipes by keyword, ingredients, category, and trending recipes
  • Mark recipes as Favorite
  • Add recipe’s ingredients to Shopping List
  • Plan cookings with Meal Planner
  • Share cookings experience with Kitchen Story, and share to Facebook and Twitter
  • Like and comment recipes
  • Display related promos and events

This app is the result of our collaboration with by Kompas Gramedia.

Go get it freely at Button Text

Take a look what it’s all about:
[youtube width=”620″ height=”387″ link=””]

Smartphone OSes War Seminar

By | News

This is the first seminar in Indonesia that we know facilitating debate between modern Smartphone Operating Systems. Held in Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta on May 4, 2010, the seminar brought the heat between WP7, iOS, BlackBerry, and Android. Too bad there’s no representative from Symbian and Palm, that would make the debate more complete. It was fun as the speakers of each platforms are able to create a healthy debate condition, yet informative.

DyCode CEO, Andri Yadi, was involved as speaker talking about iOS. However, as a Microsoft MVP and being active Windows Phone 7 developer, he and Puja Pramudya (MVP, Device Application Development) also spoke about WP7 and has “obligation” to tell what’s the best of WP7 compared to Android and BlackBerry. The heat between iOS and Android is more seen compared to other OSes, and that reflects what happen in the real world nowadays.

Above all, it’s just for fun. Each speakers are not coming from the principals of each OSes, so there’s no formal obligation to fight for them.

Photos time.

The attendees
The attendees


Controlling AR.Drone using iOS app
Controlling AR.Drone using iOS app

The debate’s on
The debate’s on


With The Organizer
With the organizer from UIN

The Future of Mobile Application Seminar – UNY

By | News

To emphasize our vision and mission in mobile app development, DyCode become one of the sponsor on “Nasional Seminar Mobile Development: The Future of Mobile Application” that was held in Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta on April 17, 2011. Beside DyCode this event also sponsored by Nokia, Axis, and other local companies in Jogja.

In that seminar, DyCode CEO, Andri Yadi delivered a talk about Mobile Application Development. He talked about various mobile application development platforms, Windows Phone 7, Symbian, and iOS, among other things. He also gave demos of how to start creating apps in those platforms.

But on this seminar he definitely gave something new and fresh for the audience who mostly are students, and different from the other seminars that he used to speak. He made a demo of how to make a remote control app for a Parrot AR.Drone, a quadrocopter (helicopter with 4 rotor). He played the drone on the hall with his remote control app that he has build just a few moment before it.

The audience seemed very excited, because they could see an app that’s fun and real, and demoed in the realtime. Hopefully, with the excitement like that will encourage them to start make mobile apps.

Some photos:



ARDrone is waiting

AR.Drone is waiting to fly

ARDrone is flying

It’s flying




The audiences

Thanks UNY and Jogja for the excitement!