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GRANTEE PROFILE -Locally Produced Innovative Software Has Potential to Revolutionize Port Management In Indonesia (This document is created by SENADA as part of their Grantee Profile).

By July 20, 2009News

One important barrier to improving the competitiveness of Indonesia’s industry has been the inefficient operation of the nation’s ports, which have fallen behind the systems used in other countries to ensure transparent, rapid and reasonably priced movement of goods. While leaders such as Singapore, Hong Kong and others have instituted integrated information systems that utilize modern technology, Indonesia has continued to rely on outdated and largely manual systems that are slow, expensive, and make it difficult to prevent or detect fraud and corruption.  This is particularly troublesome in light of Indonesia’s exceptional need for good port management, as a nation consisting of many scattered islands.

Early attempts by the Batam Port Authority to address this problem were unsuccessful when the software they tested did not enable port activities to be aligned with international best practices in port administration and management. Confident that it possessed the technical know-how to address this problem, the firm PT Dycode Cominfotech Development submitted a proposal to iMULAI (a special national software innovation competition under SENADA’s Business Innovation Fund that is operated in partnership with Microsoft Indonesia) to develop web-based software capable of bringing Indonesian port activities up to international standards. The firm was one of three iMULAI winners, and received a grant for Rp 225,000,000 between June and December 2008 to create a specialized port management portal. PT Dycode’s new software, dubbed PortMAP, is designed to manage a wide variety of Indonesian port activities, including docking schedules, cargo loading, berthing times and departure dates. Local engineers and developers created a system that allows effective management of activities at a detailed level in both the Port Authority office and in the field at each port.

PortMAP is also designed to integrate information on the movement of goods in a manner that permits the Authority to do comprehensive surveillance and monitoring.  Launched publicly on November 26, 2008, PortMAP has proved an immediate success, performing effectively in Indonesia’s six largest ports. Following the testing, Port Authority officials requested additional customization of the software so that it can be implemented not only in the biggest ports but also in over 100 additional, smaller ports under the Batam Port Authority.  The PortMAP software is now available for sale in the market by contacting  The “Dycode” in the company name “PT Dycode Cominfotech Development” is a combination of the words dynamic and code. The name was chosen to reflect the dynamic nature of the company’s objectives, using code as the tool to accomplish them. The company was founded by six young IT practitioners in April of 2007, and has already grown to a staff of 42 technical and support staff. Its mission is to deliver dynamic, mature and requirement compliant IT solutions that optimize clients’ business value. The Business Innovation Fund (BIF) is an initiative launched in June, 2007 by SENADA. BIF offers short-term, high impact grants for the development of innovative products for the value chains where SENADA focuses. Details can be found at  SENADA is a four-year, USAID-financed project whose goal is to increase Indonesia’s economic growth and employment by improving the competitiveness of major, labor-intensive light manufacturing industries.



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