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SENADA Partners Conference “Lesson Learned in Industry Competitiveness”

By July 15, 2009News

Due to the end of  SENADA project in July / August 2009, on July 14th 2009 SENADA held a conference entitled "SENADA Partners Conference" at Le Meridien Hotel,  Jakarta.

SENADA is a four-year project financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Started in September 2005, the objective of SENADA is to generate growth, jobs and income by increasing the competitiveness of Indonesia’s major labor intensive light manufacturing industries. SENADA focuses on five industries: footwear, home furnishing, auto parts, garments and information and communications technology (ICT)/Knowledge Development.

This event was attended by many important guests, such as the National Minister of State Development Planning – Bpk. H. P.Suzetta, USAID Mission Director – Walter North, and Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry – Agus Tjahyana Wirakusumah. The primary objective of this event  was to present the results achieved by SENADA and lessons learned that they gained, including the benefits that have been received by SENADA stakeholders, from the government, industry, universities, associations and donors.

In this event, DyCode as a partner of SENADA represented by Andri Yadi, CEO of DyCode, provided some information about the impacts and benefits those are received by DyCode from SENADA project. Andri Yadi became one of the panelists in the "Accelerated Innovation" (“Inovasi Terpacu”) panel . Some of the information delivered by Andri Yadi was the explanation of how the program iMULAI innovation competition (the collaboration between Microsoft and SENADA) could stimulate the spirit of innovation, so that DyCode could achieved success. In that competition, DyCode with its PORTMAP was the first champion among so many participants from across Indonesia, a very brilliant achievement and it opens the highly opportunities of DyCode to compete in this industry.

DyCode is very thankful to SENADA. Hopefully, the innovation spirit triggered by SENADA and iMULAI will be sustainable in the future.


Rundown acara SENADA Partners Conference: