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The Launching of Port Management Portal (PORTMAP)

By December 4, 2008News

Bandung, November 26, 2008

In this November rain session, it is not the "rainy" days for DyCode. Instead, it is the happiest moment ever because a historical moment is about to happen on Wednesday, November 26, 2008. That day is the day that has been waited for the last 1.5 years. That day is recorded on DyCode’s history as the first time DyCode ever launches a product. After the last six tireless months, DyCode finally finish the development and ready to launch a product called Port Management Portal (PORTMAP). After more than two weeks of preparation, PORTMAP launching event is finally taken place.

Taken place on Vienna Resto & Lounge, Bandung, PORTMAP is launched for the first time to public. The place was selected so that it gives a casual and cozy atmosphere for the event to happen. The event is attended by more than 50 attendees, some journalists of well-known mass media, SENADA representatives, Microsoft Indonesia representatives, government officials, Batam Port Authority officials, Telkom R&D Center representatives, MUGI Bandung, students and lectures of several universities in Bandung, ISVs in Bandung, and other DyCode’s invitation. Started with the introduction to DyCode, followed by a speech from SENADA by Hery Kameswara, Grant Technical Advisor, and also speech from Microsoft Indonesia by Satria Sukardja, ISV Partner Acccount Manager. The main agenda is the launching of PORTMAP, followed by introduction and demo of PORTMAP by Andri Yadi, President Director and CEO of DyCode, and Iman Harmaen, GM Tech. Dept. of DyCode. The agenda is closed by Q&A and press conference. Taken place for more or less 3 hours, the event is successfully finished around 1.00 PM. The agenda and place details are following.


For some folks who haven’t been familiar about PORTMAP, PORTMAP is an integrated maritime port management solution. That product is developed by thinking of beloved country, Indonesia, as the largest archipelagic and maritime country in the world. With the total 1,735 all kind of ports in Indonesia, those ports are mostly still poorly managed, especially when we are talking about port management by using computer-based system. DyCode come up with idea to develop a generic and mature product, that hopefully will give some contributions for better port management in Indonesia. As far as we know, PORTMAP is the first and the only known product in Indonesia that is mainly targeted for port management solution. As several similar products are available outside Indonesia and developed by foreign companies, PORTMAP is the only known product that is originally developed by Indonesian software vendor and Indonesian young developers.

Some folks may ever heard about PORTMAP before this launching event. Actually yes, PORTMAP has been around for the last one year. However, that previous PORTMAP is quite different from the PORTMAP that is about to launch. For the sake of clarity, it has to be explained that this launched PORTMAP is:

  • Next version of the previous PORTMAP. Internally, DyCode used version 2.0 for this launched PORTMAP.
  • Developed from scratch. To avoid any possible unintended problems in the future, DyCode decided to write PORTMAP code from scratch while still implementing the best practices of port management business logics acquired from many references.
  • Developed as the implementation of the idea that is submitted to iMULAi competition.

To visualize what happens during the event, these are some photos.

Vienna Resto & Lounge, where the event is taken place


Tech guys are preparing the PORTMAP server


Where the historical moment is about to happen


The speakers, from left to right: Andri Yadi, Hery Kameswara, Satria Sukardja


Andri Yadi officially announces PORTMAP and start the presentation about PORTMAP


Presenting PORTMAP architecture and Microsoft technologies as the foundation


Andri Yadi and Iman Harmaen is demonstrating Silverlight-based PORTMAP’s Booking Management


Iman Harmaen, GM Tech Dept, also PORTMAP business analyst, is explaining PORTMAP in details


The audiences


Taking photo together. From left to right: Hery Kameswara, Andri Yadi, Heri Kafianto (Ka Bid Komersial, Kantor Pelabuhan Laut (KANPEL) Batam), Rico Kresna (Ka Subbid Data dan Informasi, KANPEL Batam), Iman Harmaen


Press Conference. Friends from media are interviewing pak Heri Kafianto and Andri Yadi


The guys who make this event happens


DyCoders, the dynamic people behind DyCode’s dynamics


The presentation slide of PORTMAP introduction can be downloaded here

Some intro to PORTMAP can be found at:

For immediate inquiry about this press release, please contact:

Andri Yadi
+62 (812) 2110559
andri at dycode dot com