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November 2008

Invitation to PORTMAP Launching

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Nov 26, 2008 will be a historical day for DyCode. Our baby, a newly developed product will come to life. That product will be ready to launch and this is the first time we ever launch a product publicly. That’s why the Nov 26 is historical.

What we’ll launch is the one and the only, PORTMAP or Port Management Portal. PORTMAP is not really new. It’s been around for the last one year. What we’ll launch is its newest version, that we developed for iMULAi competition. This will be the first time we ever announce it to public.

For you who want to know more about PORTMAP, we encourage you to come to the launching event. Especially for journalist fellas, we really expect your attendance to help us spreading the words about PORTMAP. Invitation and event details are following. 


See you at the event.


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Port Management Portal (PORTMAP) is an integrated port management solution that can help managing daily operations of maritime ports. PORTMAP is developed and deployed as web-based application that can be used as a single entry point/portal for managing and using services of more than one ports. Unlike other solutions available out there, a single instance of PORTMAP can be used to manage multi ports and covers varying types and characteristics of ports, and also varying types of port services.

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Think PORTMAP as a workplace to facilitate collaboration between several parties, as depicted below:


PORTMAP Architecture




User perspective

Based on user perspective, PORTMAP functionality can be grouped into at least two users involved in PORTMAP:


1. Registration

Allows customer to register into PORTMAP. User registration need to be reviewed and approved by PORTMAP administrator. Once approved, a notification is sent to user by email.

2. Booking

Allows customer to book one or more services before vessel arrival. Booking can be done by filling booking form provided on PORTMAP web, or by sending SMS/email using specified message format

3. Status monitoring/notification

Customers are able to monitor status of booking and currently used services by accessing PORTMAP web app. Notifications of status change are also sent to customers via SMS messages.

Port Operator

For port operators, PORTMAP provides following functionality:

1. Pre-service management

Allows operators to register and update bookings of services those will be used by a vessel, and also review bookings entered by customers. Once all specified requirements have been fulfilled, operators can approve bookings and notify customers via email/SMS.

2. Servicing management

After a vessel is actually arrived, actual services will be delivered. This functionality allows operators to manage data those involved during servicing.

3. Invoicing

As all service have been performed, an invoice can be generated and sent to customer via email or printed directly to printer. Once invoice is paid, operator issues Sailing Permit and the vessel is permitted to departure.

Sub Systems/Modules

PORTMAP functionality can be grouped into these modules:

  • Customer Services Management: Contains functionality needed to serve customer
  • Pre-Service Management: Allows data management those are involved in pre-service
  • Servicing Management: Allows operators to manage data involved during service
  • Invoice Management: Provides easy functionality to generate invoice
  • Master Data Management: All master data (ports, vessels, customers, tariff, etc) can be managed using this module
  • Reporting: Generates all reports needed by top level management

PORTMAP accommodates following port services:

  • Vessel services: Berthing service, Anchorage service, Watering service, Pilotage service, Tug boat service
  • Harbor services: Loading/discharging service, Chassis service
  • Equipment services: Equipment rent service, Transportation rent service


Deployment Model

PORTMAP can be deployed based on two models:

  • Customizable solution: PORTMAP can be deployed as a standalone solution which is dedicated to each ports that needs it. All data, business process, reports involved in PORTMAP can be customized according to specific requirements of each ports.
  • Software + Service (S+S): It is a hosted version of PORTMAP, which is hosted in internet and used on demand by subscribed users.


Development Platform

PORTMAP is entirely developed based on the latest Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and using the latest Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

  • Presentation-tier: ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight
  • Data-tier: ADO.NET, LINQ to SQL
  • Reporting: Microsoft ReportViewer
  • Charting: Microsoft Chart Controls
  • Visual Studio Tools for Office v3.0: to enable building application on top of Microsoft Office system

Deployment Platform

PORTMAP can be deployed using following technologies:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008
  • Web Server: Microsoft IIS 6.0/7.0
  • Database Management System: Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008

Some Captures

image_8PM image_10 image_12


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