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DyCode Receives Awards at Microsoft Sinergi Event

By December 16, 2007News

Jakarta, December 13, 2007

On Dec 13, 2007, Jakarta – more precisely Grand Ballroom-The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Pacific Place – was full of ISVs, geeks, important people from Microsoft and other, etc, in celebrating "Indonesia Innovates" at Microsoft’s Sinergi (Sarana Inovasi dan Kreasi Negeri) event. The event presents the launch of innovation framework, speeches, panel discussion, exhibition, and awarding. More details about the event can be found at In this blog we’ll talk more about awarding.

In the main session, there are four award categories. The award categories and winner are:

There is another winner, PT. IAO, but we forget the category, sorry J Also sorry if there is false in above list

As we can see in the list, DyCode receives IT Startup 2007 award. Wow…it’s an honor for us, DyCoders. Referring to DyCode profile (can be found at our website), DyCode is established formally at May 2007, quite new (but we have been teamwork since 2005). During DyCode’s life, this is the first time we receive an award from a credible institution, Microsoft in this case. We consider this award is an honor and a gift as well for our hard work all this time since being a startup is far away of easy, especially in Indonesia. Being a startup means you have to start all up by yourself since it’s not easy to get support (especially financial support from government, VC, or angel investor) in Indonesia. Such supports from Microsoft Indonesia by giving award, technical & educational support, and marketing support mean a lot for Micro ISV like us. Hopefully, many such of events come ahead to encourage micro ISVs to do their best. DyCode is only one of many micro ISVs in Indonesia, and DyCode represents them to accept this award to encourage their movement. This award is for all of us.

OK, it’s time for fun stuffs. We’d like to share the awarding moment by displaying photos we’ve taken.

This is when Andri Yadi, CEO of DyCode, is waiting to receive the award, accompanied by Ms. Frida Lidwina beside him J


Here is the moment when Andri Yadi is receiving the award, given by Mr. Lucas Tjahja Prawira of Microsoft (center) and Mr. Sandiaga Uno of HIPMI (left). The award is symbolized as Pinisi Boat. As you can see at the screen behind, the award is for IT Start Up 2007, so you know we’re not lying J


And as a bonus for y’all, this is the photo of Frida Lidwina, the MC, that is successfully capture by Iman…Good job Man..The photo is little blur and dark but it’s very sufficient to depict her cuteness J She’s cute for married woman


This is the photo of all award winners. Mr. Ari Kunwidodo is handshaking to all winners.



Breakout Session 1: LSE – Indonesia Innovates Inovasi IT bagi Perekonomian Nasional

In a breakout session called "Inovasi IT bagi Perekonomian Nasional", DyCode also receives an award together with BataviaSoft, RTI Infokom, Intersoft, and IAO. The award is called Bintang Inovasi 2007 (Innovation Star 2007) and DyCode wins Micro ISV award. Here are some photos:

Pak Risman is explaining about Microsoft’s Micro ISV program. As you can see, DyCode is one of Microsoft’s managed micro ISV together with BataviaSoft, Sangkuring Studio, and PE College.


The Innovation Start 2007 winners are:


Andri Yadi represents DyCode to receive Innovation Star 2007 award of Micro ISV category. The award is given by Todd Kepus, ISV Developer Evangelist, Asia Pacific Region.


And here are all of the Innovation Star 2007 winners together with Todd and pak Risman. From left to right: Amyati Kania Hakim (RTI), Andri Yadi (DyCode), Fajar Ramadhani (BataviaSoft), Intersoft representative, Todd Kepus, pak Risman, and IAO representative.


It is a big day for us, DyCoders. We receive two awards in one event, feel totally extraordinary. These awards won’t make us bigheaded and forget who we are and what we’re all about. In fact, these awards will make us to do more our best, keep dynamic, and like our motto says "keep moving forward".


Just in case you haven’t know who are the DyCoders. Here they are taking photo together. From left to right: Iman (Mgr, Research), Dany (Spv, Adm), Andri (CEO), Reza (GM, Custom Development).


The CEO of BataviaSoft and DyCode are taking photo together to depict our friendship, personally and business. We even share the same table and space for exhibition, as you can see in the back J


We were very glad to be at this event. Besides receiving the prestigious award, we can meet a lot of people, important people, friends, and geeks.

Thank you very much to Microsoft Indonesia for the great event and for the awards.

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