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By December 6, 2007Products


 Capture2_456964EESMS‐based Content Delivery System (SECOND) is a contents delivery system used to deliver any contents 
& receive requests via SMS media. Any contents can be delivered using SECOND, including news, 
advertorial info, alerts, etc. 
The objectives of SMS‐based messaging system implementation are: 
 Widen the coverage of alerts/contents delivery 
  Reach the customer faster and precisely 
  Simplify the alerts/contents delivery/request system 
  Integrated with existing system to extend system messaging 

SECOND Key Features     

  • Easy SMS creation/broadcasting
  • 2 way SMS communication with mobile device
  • Automated event triggering via Rule based  SMS Processing
  • Integrated with 3rd party application or system via API and XML Web Services
  • Extensible features to support any business process
  • Logging and statistics


SECOND Usages 

  • Broadcast any news, advertising, or any information
  • As an extension of any systems as  alerts/notifications delivery system
  • As a data reporting/entry system. Any data can be submitted to server wirelessly & remotely via SMS
  • As a complement of email messaging system. So, any sent emails will be also delivered as SMS messages



  • Platform
    –  Development: .NET 2.0 
    –  OS: MS Windows Server 200
    –  Web server: Microsoft IIS 
    –  Database server: Oracle Database/SQL Server 2005
  • Data provider and O‐R mapping:  Oracle/SQL Client & NHibernate
  • Charting: dotnetCHARTING 4.0
  • AJAX: ASP.NET AJAX Extension (Atlas) 

Technical Features 

  • Web‐based administration console
  • AJAX implementation  
  • SECOND Service is implemented as Windows Service to serve requests in background