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By December 6, 2007Products



Plant Maintenance Management Information System (MMS) is an integrated plant management solution that can help managing the maintenance process. MMS is developed and deployed as web-based application that can be used as single entry point/portal for managing the plant maintenance process.





  1. Manage equipment database and maintenance process electronically
  2. Easy to use & access applications anytime any where
  3. Facilitate collaboration between division/sections during maintenance process
  4. Automatically generate reports and required documents within maintenance process
  5. Monitor whole process during maintenance

MMS Module

1. Production Setup

Contains functionalities to setup PLAMIS before it usage Most setups are related to define data templates those will be intensively used in transactional/operation process.

2. Master Data Management

Function to manage all master data used in MMS modules.

3. Breakdown Maintenance

Facilitate the collaboration between related users for sending of work request, and then reporting of maintenance result.

4. Reporting

Contains reports as processing results of MMS-managed-data; reports will displayed as charts and tables


MMS Technology:

1. Web-based application

2. Platform

  • Development: ASP.NET 2.0
  • IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows Server 2000/2003
  • Web Server: Microsoft IIS
  • Database Server: Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005

3. Data Provider and O-R Mapping

  • SQL Client
  • NHibernate 1.0.2

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