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Oil & Gas-related Solutions

By December 6, 2007Services

Oil & Gas-related IT solutions are unique solutions due to the uniqueness of oil & gas-related business processes & policies. Two of the main focuses of most oil & gas companies are safety and security. If you refer to oil & gas company, such as: Chevron, PT. Badak NGL, they are very concern about safety and the security is quite tight. Since oil & gas business is very risky and the hazard potency is very high, it’s clear that safety and security must be prioritized.

We have developed and deployed two security and safety-related solutions to PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia and PT. Badak NGL. Those solutions have helped those two companies to increase safety & security performance and ease daily tasks in managing safety & security-related data so that it can help to report safety & security performance to management.

We also keep developing and managing a product that’s based on the best practices of security & safety management, that’s called SENTINEL. It’s a unique solution in security & safety management and can be customized to meet clients’ requirements.

Beside the security & safety-related product & solution, we also have a drilling monitoring system product called DREAL. While drilling a well, common drilling equipments will transmit real-time log read by sensors that contains physical measurements like depth, rate of penetration (ROP), etc. Those data will be transferred using well-known standard called WITSML, and then processed and usually displayed as chart and numeric. DREAL is a complete solution to monitor drilling process, start from collecting data from DAQ attached to drilling equipment until displaying the processed data into chart and numeric presentation. DREAL also has been implemented the latest well know WITSML standard.

By those two solutions, safety & security and also drilling monitoring solutions, we claim that we are able to provide important solutions in oil & gas business.