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capture1_0E85DC42 Drilling Real-time Logging System is an application used to manage real-time logs collected while drilling in well-site. Real-time logs are data read from sensors of drilling equipments and manipulated by DAQ units. Related real-time data management are:

        • Read data from WITSML-compliant service company or directly from Data Acquisition (DAQ) units of drilling equipments
        • Store data to server
        • Visualize and analyze data in real‐time and static/historical view using client application 
          Print data visualization or export to other formats

Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language (WITSML) Snap6_0CB24598

  • All  data  transfer  in  DREAL  system  use  WITSML standard to guarantee vendor/platform independence
  • WITSML  is  a  standard  for  sending well  site  technical data  between  business  partners  (oil  companies, service  companies,  drilling  contractors,  application vendors and regulatory agencies)
  • WITSML  is based on open  and well‐known  standards to ensure compatibility and platform independence:
    • eXtensible Markup Language (XML)
    • Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, XML, HTTP)

Sub Systems DREAL has three integrated sub systems:  DREAL has three integrated sub systems:

  • WITSML Aggregator

    • Receive data (in WITS signal) from Data 
      Acquisition units, converts to WITSML, and send them to WITSML server

    • Support all records defined in WITS (25 records)

  • WITSML Server
    • Stores real‐time data received from Aggregator to persistent storage (DBMS)
    • Serves real‐time data request from client(s)
  • WITSML Client
    • Consumes real‐time data from WITSML server and visualizes real‐time data
  • Key features:  
    •  Supports multi wells 
    •  Authentication: user – well mapping 
    •  Real‐time visualization: charts and numbers 
    •  Static visualization: specific date time 
    •  Templating: export/import visualization template 
    •  Print & export to other format


  • Platform
    • Development: .NET 2.0 
    • OS: MS Windows Server 2003
    • Web server: Microsoft IIS
    • Database server: SQL Server 2005  
  • Data provider and O‐R mapping: 
    • SQL Client & NHibernate
  • Charting: dotnetCHARTING 4.0
  • AJAX: ASP.NET AJAX Extension (Atlas) 

Technical Features

  • Web‐based
  • Implement latest & well‐known standards (WITSML, Web Services, etc) 
  • AJAX implementation

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